Robotics Quest

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Children's Technology Workshop (Hong Kong)


Levels 1 - 5 (Ages 7 to 14)
The Robotics Workshop is perfect for children interested in the fascinating world of robotics! This programme is designed for students aged 7 to 14 who have already undertaken our Engineering Workshop program and can be tailored to the individual ability and age of the student.
With the help of the Lego Mindstorms educational program, this workshop develops children's understanding of how robots work through the process of building their very own creation. The student will then use a PC to program the robot to undertake tasks set by the instructor. As children progress through the course, they are encouraged to set their own targets and work more independently.

The program develops both engineering concepts and basic programming. Children Technology Workshop's Robotics Workshop will also broaden children's problem solving and cooperative abilities in an enjoyable and stimulating atmosphere.



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