Engineering Workshop

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Children's Technology Workshop (Hong Kong)


Levels 1 - 10 (Ages 3 to 14)
One of our core programs at Children's Technology Workshop is our Engineering Workshop. This program is suitable for children aged 3 to 14 and can vary depending on age, experience, and ability.
This series of workshops uses Lego educational products to develop children's understanding of mechanical and structural engineering concepts. The programs cover several areas including gears, pulleys, chains, levers, momentum and pneumatics.

Each class aims to enhance students’ concentration, dexterity, social skills and problem solving ability whilst maintaining a dynamic and enjoyable environment.

Typically a one hour class will involve an introduction to an engineering concept followed by the construction of one of our exclusive models from a plan displayed on a computer. After completing the model the student will be encouraged to adapt it to meet a challenge set by the instructor. In order to ensure that new concepts remain engrained, children take home a small booklet showing the model and some basic concepts learnt that day.



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